Raditya Putranti Darningtyas

Raditya Putranti Darningtyas

Hubungan Internasional UGM - Alumni Lulus tahun 2015

One of the most memorable things I got from Semesta is its English class. I owe my advanced proficiency in English to Semesta and I am forever grateful for that. It was overwhelming at first, tons of homework to do and the teacher was stern, but I know now it was tough love. Spending my high school years in a boarding school was a way to get out of my comfort zone and I am glad I got to do it in Semesta. It taught me how to live collectively and be mindful of others. It gave me the exact challenges I needed to push myself to think critically while learning how to still tolerate others with different ways of thinking and backgrounds. It also taught me how to set healthy boundaries especially in friendships or other forms of social relations. Semesta was basically a safe space for me to experiment and harness my social skill in a safe and controlled environment.



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