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The fact states that a child is very happy to play and learn. However, almost all of the time in childhood is spent playing with friends. So the most important step that must be taken by parents or teachers is to invite children to play while learning.

This good way of learning has long been applied to improve children’s learning achievement. So when the lesson has started, invite the child to play if at that time he wants to play. Teachers and parents certainly know how to apply this play and learn method well.

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Teaching and learning activities will not run without facilities. Here what is meant by facilities are not just tools or objects such as books, blackboards and the like, but the teachers themselves. The teacher as a facilitator is responsible for the running of the learning process, a comfortable classroom atmosphere, an easy-to-understand delivery method and choosing what teaching materials are suitable for each subject.

For example, a grade 6 elementary school student will face a final school exam to determine graduation. As a facilitator, the teacher creates additional classes so that the students have the opportunity to study the material more deeply and do practice questions.

In addition to the roles mentioned above, the final part of teaching and learning activities is evaluation. The teacher has a role as an evaluator, assesses all forms of learning and is responsible for the results. In addition to evaluating students, teachers must also evaluate how their teaching is effective or not.

Utilization of teaching tools/materials also affects the quality of learning, there must be an evaluation of these tools having efficiency in the teaching and learning process or even being inefficient.

Other things that affect the quality of learning are as follows:
a. Communication
The way the teacher conveys will affect the quality of student acceptance. Good communication will produce good output as well.
b. Teacher’s Appearance
Teachers in schools will be the center of attention during the teaching and learning process, looking neat and polite is the key. Do not look flashy because the focus of students will be diverted to the teacher’s appearance.
c. Support tools
In this era of gadgets, the quality of learning can be improved by upgrading more sophisticated tools, for example by using LCD projectors, laptops and the like.
d. Conducive Environment
Teaching and learning activities will not be efficient if the school environment is not conducive, for example the school is in the middle of a very busy industry. Unclean school environment and the like.

Known as an unsung hero, it is a very big responsibility as a teacher for the next generation. The quality of education is determined by who the teacher is, how to teach it and what is taught at school. Hopefully this article can inspire teachers to be more productive in triggering the quality of education.



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