• OASE (Organisasi Alumni Semesta) is a forum formed for the alumni of SMP SMA Semesta to interact, build networks, and share useful knowledge which has a positive impact on alumni and society.
  • Alumni activities

In general, alumni activities are as follows:

  1. Increasing the capacity of alumni and the community
  2. Activities which support the health and psychology of alumni and the community
  3. Activities which support the economic and business development (entrepreneurship)
  4. Activities which give benefits to the community.
  5. Activities which increase faith and piety.

Alumni activities:

a. OASE Sharing

In this activity, an inspirational figure from alumni, such as teachers, community leaders, or religious leaders shares his or her expertise, experience and knowledge. The purpose of this activity is for other alumni to get inspiration and insight from the things presented by the speaker.

b. OASE Talk

This activity contains local seminars from alumni, by alumni, and for alumni. The theme raised in each seminar is general in nature so it is hoped that alumni with different backgrounds can follow it. The purpose of holding the OASE Talk is to strengthen the ties of friendship among alumni and to add insight and skills to alumni.

c. Alumni Gathering

Alumni Gathering is an activity that is deliberately designed to bring together alumni at the same place and time. Activities filled with light and casual chat while enjoying a light meal. Alumni Gathering can be done for all generations or certain generations. The purpose of the Alumni Gathering is to increase familiarity among alumni while reminiscing about the past memories or adding mutually beneficial relationships.

d. Welcoming Party

One of the routine activities carried out at the beginning of the new school year is the Welcoming Party. This activity is carried out to welcome new members of OASE (Organisasi Alumni Semesta) from SMP and SMA Semesta graduates. The older alumni will warmly welcome the newly graduated alumni and are ready to assist and motivate the new alumni to be active in alumni organizations. The purpose of the Welcoming Party, besides welcoming new members, is also a means to familiarize former alumni with new alumni.

e. Gathering to ask for forgiveness (the halal bihalal)

In principle, the halal bihalal activity for OASE alumni is almost the same as any events outside which are intended to ask for forgiveness. The event was carried out in full intimacy with invited guests from alumni and several of the Semesta School Campuses. Halal bihalal is held twice, namely during Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. The purpose of holding a halal bihalal is to forgive one another, strengthen ties of friendship and beautify family relationships between alumni and the entire academic community.

f.  Charity Akbar

One of the alumni activities in the social field is Charity Akbar. The alumni work together to collect funds and distribute them to those who are entitled (orphanages, nursing homes, the poor). The purpose of holding Charity Akbar is to increase the social spirit and concern for others, increase the spirit of mutual cooperation, and harmony among alumni.

g. Ramadan Programme

The Ramadan program is carried out routinely once a year when the month of Ramadan arrives. Activities carried out include waiting for iftar (ngabuburit), iftar together, and giving charity. The aim of the Ramadan Program is to increase faith and piety to Allah SWT, foster a social spirit and concern for others, and become a gathering place for fellow alumni.

h. Sacrifice Alumni

Alumni Berqurban is a means for alumni to distribute their wealth in the form of donations of qurban animals. The agenda which is carried out once a year aims to increase the spirit of sacrifice and alumni’s compassion for others and further increase piety to Allah SWT.

i.  Alumni Campus Life

One of the alumni programs, Alumni Campus Life, was held in collaboration with the Career Planning Department. In this activity, alumni who are studying at the bachelor, graduate and postgraduate level ((S1/S2/S3) both in Indonesia and abroad will give seminars to students who are still studying at Semesta High School. Besides that, Alumni Campus Life was also carried out by alumni who formerly joined the Semesta Olympiad Squad (SOS). Alumni Campus Life by former SOS members are attended by students who are currently joining SOS. The benefits expected from Alumni Campus Life are to open the perspectives of SMA Semesta students about life as a university student as well as helping them to determine the majors to be taken when graduating from SMA Semesta.

j.  Visiting Alumni by Universities

This program was held to visit alumni who are scattered and continue their studies in various regions in the country. The goal is to get closer to alumni, find out what alumni experience after graduating from Semesta High School, a place for discussion and hospitality with alumni and what is equally important is to increase the spirit of kinship.

k. Cooking Class in Semesta Alumni Visit (only female alumni).

This event was held to facilitate young female alumni and married female alumni to increase their knowledge and skills in cooking or processing food and drinks. The displayed menu is usually based on requests from alumni or ideas/desires from the informants themselves. The invited speakers are usually teachers, dormitory supervisors, professionals, and alumni who have cooking skills. The benefits obtained from the Cooking Class are that it strengthens the friendship of female alumni, broadens knowledge about how to process healthy food and drink ingredients, and what is certain is that alumni can enjoy the results of Cooking Class together in a happy atmosphere.

l. Make-up Class (only female alumni)

This activity was carried out to accommodate female alumni who want to be skilled at making up and caring for their faces as well as beautifying their appearance. The invited speakers are alumni who are beauticians and make up artist professionals. The benefit of holding this activity is to increase the skills of female alumni in the field of care and beauty, strengthen friendship among alumni, open opportunities to expand friendship and business networks.



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