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Career Planning Service is a service that assists students in mapping career choices and further studies for Semesta Bilingual Boarding School students. There are a variety of programs aimed at guiding and directing students in career preparation and further study and to meet their academic, social, personal and learning needs. Students will be directed and recommended to determine further studies according to the abilities, wishes and individual needs of each students. In addition, counselors can also assist students in finding a number of future career choices through activities known as career counseling.

The methods provided are not only career counseling, but include individual counseling, group discussions, university workshops, talk shows, seminars and university fair. This service is provided from grade 7 to grade 9 for junior high school (SMP) students, as well as grade 10 to grade 12 for high school (SMA) students.

Career Planning Services

  1. Orientation Period Services: Services to get to know students’ learning styles, personality, self-characteristics, and adaptation to the school system and environment. This service is provided to maximize the learning process in schools so that students can achieve maximum academic achievement. This service begins with providing an assessment of student needs and continues with the provision of relevant programs such as services to acquire student learning styles and habits.
  2. Information Services: Providing further study information, career mapping, and student career planning. The purpose of this service is to broaden students’ knowledge about life and the need to pursue higher education.
  3. Placement Service: This service is provided in accordance with the talents of interest with details: starting with directing students’ basic abilities in grades 7 and grade 10, and developing aptitude of interest to direct student achievement in grades 8 and grade 11, and finally placement and further study planning for students in grade 9 and grade 12. Many activities are held to support these services such as seminars, talk shows, education fairs and alumni fairs.
  4. Individual Counseling Services: This service facilitates students in exploring their talents and interests as well as to provide further study directions through counseling (face-to-face meetings with counselors). The purpose of this service is to explore students’ potential.
  5. Group Counseling: This group service is intended to map groups of students in the same interest talent category so that it is hoped that students can motivate each other.
  6. Consultation: The success of a study and further study planning is certainly not only guidance for students, counselors also need to communicate with parents of students in order to get maximum results. The purpose of this consulting service is to create harmony between the school and the student’s family.


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