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Currently Semesta School stands in 3 campuses which are located separately,  (1) Semesta Bilingual Boarding School which consists of junior and senior high school levels located in Gunungpati, (2) Semesta Elementary School which is located in Srondol and (3) Semesta 2 which consists of PG, Kindergarten and Junior High School levels located in Jangli. Gunungpati Semesta School is the oldest school, founded in May 1999. Semesta Elementary School is the second Semesta school, founded in 2010. Meanwhile Semesta Campus 3 School (Semesta School Campus 3) which is also often referred to as Semesta Jangli was founded in 2019.

Semesta Bilingual Boarding School or widely known as Sekolah Semesta Gunungpati is under the auspices of the Al Firdaus Foundation. At first, the Semesta School only accepted male students. This went on until 2002 when SMP Semesta began accepting female students. In the 2005/2006 academic year SMA Semesta accepted female students. This was marked by the operation of the girls’ dormitory building which began construction in 2004, and finally in 2014, this building was converted into a special school building for girls. Boys’ junior high school students are placed in a one-floor dormitory to the north of the high school boys’ dormitory, while girls’ junior high school students are placed in a one-floor dormitory to the north of the boys’ junior high school dormitory.

In early years, Gunungpati Semesta School was a national school that used the national curriculum plus, which was often interpreted as a national curriculum enriched with international content. This international content is in the form of using the CEFR standard (Common European Framework of Reference) in English subjects and the use of English as a language of instruction in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In 2015 the Semesta School’s (SMP SMA Semesta Gunungpati) status changed into a Collaborative Education Unit (Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama – SPK) based on Permendikbud No. 31 of 2014. This change requires Semesta to cooperate with foreign educational institutions as curriculum provider institutions. In 2017 Semesta School officially used the Cambridge curriculum which came from the Cambridge International Examination with ID244 number. This year also the Semesta School began using digital technology in the classroom, or what we call the Technology Integrated Classroom. The first digital device used was a tablet PC from Microsoft, i.e., Surface. In 2018 Sekolah Semesta switched to the Google for Education ecosystem using Chromebook devices. The first Chromebook used was the Acer Chromebook Flip R11 and currently the Semesta School students are using the Asus Chromebook Flip C214MA.

The history of Gunungpati Semesta School is also marked by the history of its leadership journey. Leadership in the Semesta School consists of the General Manager who is a representative of the foundation, the Principal, the Education Coordinator and the Guidance Director. Throughout the 1999-2016 period, changes only occurred in the replacement of individuals who served. Changes began to occur in 2016, the Education Coordinator, which was previously held by one person, was then concurrently held by the Head of SMA. Then in 2018, the Head of School for Middle and High School levels which was previously held by one person was splitted into 2 positions; Principal of Middle School and Principal of High School. The following is a historical trail of leadership in Semesta School:

General Manager

  • Education year 1999-2001: Mr. Sezer Erdogan
  • Education year 2001-2002: Mr. Fethullah Karakoc
  • Education year 2002-2004: Mr. Ahmet Genc
  • Education year 2004-2007: Mr. Abdulkerim Tursun
  • Education year 2007-2014: Mr. Omer Demir
  • Education year 2014-2016: Mr. Yusuf Biyik
  • Education year 2016-2017: Mr. Muhammad Bayrak
  • Education year 2017-2018: Mr. Kursad Duvarci
  • Education year 2018-2019: Mr. Mehmet Cetin
  • Education year 2019-2023: Mr. Iskandar Mulia
  • Education year 2023 – Presents :  Mr. Andy Satria Purnama

Campus 1

A. School Principal

  • Education year 1999-2002: M. Ikhwan, S.Pd.
  • Education year 2002-2003: Agus Junaidi, ST.
  • Education year 2003-2004: Drs. Nurkholis, MM.
  • Education year 2005-2006: M. Ja’far S.Ag.
  • Education year 2006-2016: Moh. Haris, SE., M.Si.
  • Education year 2016-2018: Imam Husnan Nugroho, ST., M.Pd.

Education year 2018

  • Principal SMP
    • Education year 2018-sekarang: Irham Niarsih, S.Si., M.Pd.
  • Principal SMA
    • Education year 2018-2021: Didin Sopandi M.Si.
    • Education year 2021- : Ahmad Nurani, ST., M.Pd.

B. Education Coordinator

  • Education year 2007-2008: Mr. Ersin Arslan
  • Education year 2008-2009: Mr. Ali Yavuz
  • Education year 2009-2010: Mr. Ali Evmez
  • Education year 2010-2011: Mr. Seyith Khan
  • Education year 2011-2012: Mr. Hamza Karadag
  • Education year 2012-2013: Mr. Hamzah Dwi Handoko
  • Education year 2013-2016: Mr. Azamat Dzumanazarov
  • Education year 2016-2018: Mr. Imam Husnan
  • Education year 2018-2021: Mr. Didin Sopandi
  • Education year 2021- : Ahmad Nurani

C. Guidance Counselor

  • Education year 1999-2006: Huseyin Kan
  • Education year 2006-2009: Yenal Aksoy
  • Education year 2009-2010: Lutfi Guler
  • Education year 2010-2012: Koksal Karasah
  • Education year 2012-2013: Hamza Karadag
  • Education year 2013-2014: Hasan Comce
  • Education year 2014-2015: Ibrahim Inci
  • Education year 2015-2018: Didin Sopandi
  • Education year 2018-2020: Husen Abdillah
  • Education year 2020-presents: Rahmat Maulidin

Campus 2

School Principal

  • Education Year 2010-2016 : Siti Zubaidah, S.Sos., M.Si., M.Pd.
  • Education Year 2016-2017 : Fandie Arfianto, S.Kom.
  • Education Year 2017-2023 : Ita Rusita, S.S., S.Pd.
  • Education Year 2023-presents : Sri Iswatiningrum, M.Pd.

Guidance Counselor

  • Education Year 2016-2019 : Nudiya Lisholati, S.Pd.
  • Education Year 2019-2023 : Arinda Lailatul Karimah, S.Pd.
  • Education Year 2023-presents : Yusef Riza Murtini, S.Pd

Campus 3


A. School Principal

  • Education year 2019-2020: Nudiya Lisholati, M.Pd.
  • Education year 2020-2023 : Susan Ahsanti, S.Pd.
  • Education year 2023- presents : Ita Rusita, S.S., S.Pd


A. School Principal

  • Education year 2019-2020: Arinda Lailatul Karimah, S.Pd.
  • Education year 2020-presents: Nudiya Lisholati, M.Pd.


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